Wednesday, October 6, 2010

what's up with Isaac and Anna

Anna with her puppy love

Bath time fun!
Isaac's first day of preschool

Steelers fun run at Heinz Field

Anna hugging her big brother (her newest and most favorite thing to do!)

Anna at Gymboree
Our princess baby
Our handsome boy
Isaac's first soccer practice

So what's been going on with Isaac and Anna, sit back, relax and let me fill you in....
Isaac is 4 and loving his Cardinals class at Kingdom Kids. He does preschool 3 days a week from 9-1130. Sometimes he stays for lunch bunch which goes until 130. He does gymnastics too and soccer (new this year). So far he's scored one goal but mostly loves chasing the other kids around. It's really organized chaos at this point but that's OK as long as everyone's having fun. He still loves playing with cars and trains and is a wonderful big brother. Anna is 1 1/2 and does Gymboree every Tuesday morning. She loves her animal friends and isn't saying a whole lot yet but what she does say she says with gusto! She knows what she wants and loves to cuddle with everyone. Isaac joins us at Gymboree every Wednesday for open gym and loves it too. That's about it for now....stay tuned for more details (hopefully it won't be as long again until another update....)

catching up wtih the Hrivnak's

Helicopters at Kennywood
Yes that's me in the Turtle, loads of fun!

More fun at Kennywood
Idlewild Storybook Forest
Bethany Beach
Got to wear my shades - Bethany Beach 2010

Idlewild's gigantic ball pit
Anna getting into the fun too....

So it's been since April that I've posted anything (not that anyone but Pinky is checking though.....) Anyway, we've been busy over the summer having lots of fun and now into the fall and football season. In addition to just hanging out over the summer we made two trips to both Idlewild and Kennywood as well as our annual family vacation to Bethany Beach. All of it was wonderful and has Isaac asking when we'll be going back to all places again.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bloom at Phipps

We made another trek over to Oakland to enjoy the flowers at Phipps this morning. This is my favorite place in Pittsburgh (I'm hoping it becomes everyones...slowly but surely - Isaac actually gets excited to go...) Anyway, the shows have been a bit disappointing lately but this time we were very happy with how great it looked.

Jesus is risen - Happy Easter!

This was a wonderful day for us as we were able to celebrate Easter under sunny skies....Isaac really got into the holiday this year with reading a lot about the Easter story, doing resurrection eggs, finding eggs (at home and at church) and his Easter basket. Anna even found her basket too! How blessed we are to have such a wonderful Savior!

Spring has sprung

I'm not sure anyone is reading this sfuff (Pinky....I know that you are!) but I'm still going to do some updates as we're finally done with the winter cabin fever......The young Riv's are excited to finally be outside enjoying some unseasonably warm Pittsburgh weather. Anna is starting to walk and Isaac finally has someone to ride around with in his Ford. What a blessing being a mom is so that I can be home to enjoy and document all if this fun!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

From our family to yours we hope that 2010 brings peace, joy and many blessings. Please continue to visit us as I'm sure the coming year will bring lots of new memories for us to share!

Christmas at Phipps

One of our favorite places in the city is Phipps Conservatory. We spent one Saturday afternoon inside roaming around enjoying the sights, sounds and smells while the snowflakes fell outside. We always head to Shadyside afterwards for cookies from Prantl's and drinks at Starbucks. It was a wonderful family day and the kids fell asleep on the way home just to prove it.