Wednesday, October 28, 2009


We finally had some leaves in the yard to rake and play in...actually it was the neighbors leaves that we used, our tree hasn't dropped enough yet. Anyway, Isaac and Anna both had fun throwing (and eating) the leaves. As the pile was destroyed and reassembled, the kids laughed and played, it's always fun to see the world through their eyes.

Monday, October 26, 2009

10 Plates Dinner Club

OK, so a group of five couples have joined together to create the 10 Plates Dinner Club. We meet every couple of months at everyone's house (rotating) and share a five course meal and lively and interesting conversation. It has turned out to be absolutely the best idea ever. I'm not sure any of us imagined how much fun it would be but it's leading to a lot of wonderful laughs, bonding and memories. We're actually planning a getaway to Deep Creek that should be a bundle of fun n'at. Anyway, the pictures are from our recent meeting where we celebrated Autumn Harvest. We even did a little karaoke but Melanie was the only one that was really any good...the next 10 plates is scheduled for January....stay tuned for more details...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hanging outside in the backyard

We were just playing outside in the backyard during an early fall day and it was such a joy because Isaac is finally really getting into having Anna around....I prayed for this so intensely because as many of you know, Isaac was not a big fan of Anna's in the beginning. It hasn't been easy and to finally have him like having her around makes me smile! I especially love the one of my three biggest loves on the slide...

Undefeated Tigers!

Timmy's 7th and 8th grade Moon Tigers football team went undefeated this year, 6-0! The "amatuer" video shows a little of the end of game celebration. Isaac, Timmy's parents and me were there to witness the conclusion of his perfect season. Our littlest Tiger didn't make this Mom was at home with Anna.

Welcome to our Blog

Hello family and friends, inspired by another friend of mine, I've decided to try and detail the typical but blessed moments of our daily lives with you. You can check this site whenever you want to follow our progress and even post comments on what you see if you choose. My goal is to make updates frequently so I hope you'll visit often. OK, well here we go...

This first photo shows a fun fall shot, we were outside enjoying the last of indian summer as today in the burgh the weather turned sour. It was so warm these last couple of days I really didn't want to be inside...anyway, Isaac and Anna were happy to be outside too.