Wednesday, October 6, 2010

catching up wtih the Hrivnak's

Helicopters at Kennywood
Yes that's me in the Turtle, loads of fun!

More fun at Kennywood
Idlewild Storybook Forest
Bethany Beach
Got to wear my shades - Bethany Beach 2010

Idlewild's gigantic ball pit
Anna getting into the fun too....

So it's been since April that I've posted anything (not that anyone but Pinky is checking though.....) Anyway, we've been busy over the summer having lots of fun and now into the fall and football season. In addition to just hanging out over the summer we made two trips to both Idlewild and Kennywood as well as our annual family vacation to Bethany Beach. All of it was wonderful and has Isaac asking when we'll be going back to all places again.

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